1. What is a mobile spa?

    Our massage therapy and facial treatments will be provided at remote locations. We will travel to the client site making it easy and more enjoyable for all guests.

  2. Will the therapist be employed by L.K.C. Spa Spectacular LLC?

    The therapist will be considered independent contractors of L.K.C. Spa Spectacular LLC.

  3. How will the company get business to provide opportunities for the therapist?

    A great deal of networking and Marketing is underway. Referrals will be the best method of building a clientele.

  4. How long has the company been in business?

    L.K.C. Spa Spectacular LLC was formally registered in Illinois on July 25, 2007.
    L.K.C. Spa Spectacular LLC was formally registered in Florida on October 14, 2009.

  5. Is the owner a licensed massage therapist?

    No (not yet). Lynette Mahone has a great deal of business acumen. She graduated from University of Illinois with a degree in Industrial / Organizational Psychology and a Master of Business Administration from Indiana University.

  6. Who organizes the assignments / events?

    Lynette Mahone will coordinate all events and provide advance notification to necessary therapist.

  7. Where will the events be conducted?

    Chicago, IL and Miami, FL areas

  8. What is the pay rate for the therapist?

    The rate will vary and is negotiable.

  9. What are the requirements from the therapist?

    • Valid Certification, Insurance, Massage table or chair
    • Transportation

Lynette E. Mahone

Telephone: 312-203-6979